Hi, I’m Anna, I believe effective content marketing starts with an insights-based strategy. That’s why for the past seven years, I analyze markets, competitors, statistics and suggest short and long-term solutions at the lowest cost for different brands.
I have collaborated with the director of the Dutch film ‘The Occupant’; representatives of Mercedes; writer Serhii Zhadan; BBC Ukraine; and other clients worldwide. I work in Russian, Ukrainian, and English.

Work experience:

Content and marketing plans.

I created consumers’ journeys and analyzed data on websites and emails, and optimized performances through rigorous A/B testing. I developed and implemented cross-platform content plans with a coherent approach to the USA, European, and Post-Soviet markets to increase reach and engagement across all digital performance channels.

Scripts for promotional videos.

Audio-visual storytelling is a powerful tool for brands to engage with their audience. Writing a video script, I deliver three concepts and scenarios, a general idea description, and a storyboard based on market and audience behavior analysis.

Writing and editing texts.

Crafting brand stories for the tech-forward age, I use appropriate marketing hooks wisely, personalize story to increase engagement. I coordinate captivating content coordination for web platforms, landing pages, and other online resources that support brand voice and SEO goals.

Email chains that incite action and build brand loyalty.

I create triggered and segmented email chains and templates that drive engagement with content, increase brand loyalty and enhance sales. I test out different calls to action based on statistical analysis, and analyze the results to optimize the emails until the bounce rate decreases and the conversions increase.

Other literary tasks.

I have also conducted over 200 interviews, teach kids writing techniques at school, and offer private content consultations.


Codabra, BossKids — online educational platforms for children, on which I analyzed competitors’ and users’ behaviors and developed automated email chains. I also built content strategy and suggested, edit and coordinate content for blog and news.
— ManipuraMala, Danon, Creamly, Reflektion, Mamatobe, Amsterdam10, and UkrainianTruth — I developed and implemented cross-platform content and marketing plans, wrote, edited, translated, and optimized web content.
— I have also created a heart-driven Book Club of over a hundred people, and twice a month, I organize offline and online events for them.


I appreciate projects supporting the rights, feelings, and beliefs of all people. Using my clients’ original thoughts, I build tactics to promote their best voice to potential customers.
— I invest the time and effort to understand each client’s goals and follow their unique path.
— I am time conscious and send completed tasks in advance of deadlines.
— I keep current with the newest industry trends and techniques to bring my clients cutting-edge product.
— I have a solid educational base and a wide field of experience, including SMM, journalism, and marketing in local and global businesses.

Send me a message, and we’ll put our heads together.